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Jewels of the Month



The sapphire belongs to the Korundgroup and crystallizes in hexagonal prisms of double pyramids. The meaning sapphire is mostly used for blue stones. Yet all the other shades of colour of the Korund, except red, are called sapphire. Then it is usual to speak of yellow, green, pink violet or colourless sapphire. The most precious stones are from Birma and show a velvety cornflower blue. The sapphire owes its colour to chemical uncleanness, caused by a mix with iron and titan. The most important finding-places of sapphire are India , Burma , Thailand and Ceylon . Wearing precious stones used to have a connotation in former days. Sapphire, the only stone that was allowed to be worn in the monastery, protected the chastity of a woman. If she still behaved immodest, then the same stone would protect her against venereal diseases. At the end of the nineteenth century arose the desire to turn back to the nature and the origin. Those days mainly brooches in the shape of butterflies, cock-chafers and beetles, made of sapphire and diamonds were worn. Sapphire is the symbol of power, honesty and loyalty and takes care of the truth and brightness on the fastest way.




AL2 O3