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Jewels of the Month


Stones of the costellation

January / GARNET
Garnet brings friendship and serenity and protects the user during travels and from fever.

February / AMETHYST
Amethsyt brings inner peace and concentration and protects the user from evil spirits and deep emotions

Aquamarine brings hope and loyalty and protects the user during sea travels and from getting old and sickness.

Diamond brings courage and bravery and protects the user from devil and evil spirits and avoids disloyalty when presented for the guaranty of love.

It is believed that the emerald brings productivity, fertility and the ability to forsee the future to the user and it also prevents bad luck.

June / PEARL
It is believed that pearl keeps the user pure and clean, protects from loosing his/her innocence and eye sicknesses.

July / RUBY
Ruby brings virtue, greed and beauty, protects the house from natural disasters and prevents the user from fights and mental illness.

August / PERIDOT
Peridot brings wisdom and good thoughts, protects the user from nightmares and prevents liver diseases.

September / SAPPHIRE
Sapphire gives innocence, honesty and health, protects from eye illness and mental disorders and prevents the user from jealousy and slavery.

October / OPAL
Opal brings good luck, hope and loyalty, protects fromeye illness and mental disorders and prevents the user from sadness and jealousy.

November / CITRINE
Citrine brings harmony and joy, protects the user from poison and prevents bad thoughts .

December / BLUE TOPAZ
Blue Topaz brings patience to the user and loyalty to the user's lover, protects the family from illness and prevents bad-temper and disorder.