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Ruby is the name for the red Korund and he owes his beautiful redcolouring to a minimum mix of chromoxid. The name comes from the latin word rubber, red. Most wanted are the pigeonbloodred stones from Burma . According to the legend the seller putted the ruby on a white cloth, slaughtered a pigeon and let the fresh blood drip next to the valuable stone to prove the quality of the colour. The lighter ruby from Ceylon and the dark red samples from Thailand are seen as less valuable. Tanzania is an important provider for rubies. The clear stones are cut in a special way and the untransparent stones in the cabuchoncut. The names Siam- , Burma- and Ceylonruby are in these days less a finding-place mention as a colour and quality mention. Most important finding-places are Burma , Thailand and Ceylon . Utmost qualities come from Kenia present days. Next to it there are also a lot of finding-places in other countries. In former days the ruby was a symbol for passion. In eastern cultures the ruby is known as the blooddrops from mother earth. From rubies is claimed that they give courage, dignity and grant devine power.


Absolute love


AL2 O3




Siam , Burma , Ceylon , Thailand